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Little Charlie’s Early Learning Centre was founded on the belief that every child deserves the best possible early childhood education

Our staff, children, and families believe the following values underpin our service philosophy, teaching pedagogies and familyvalues – Kindness (Sophie, Raiden, Connor & Valentin from the Kindergarten), Honesty, Respect (Jordan from the Kindergarten), Empathy, Compassion (Jess and John from the Kindergarten), Reliability, Curiosity and Sharing (Cooper from the Kindergarten).

We would like to acknowledge and extend our respect to the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations country on which we play, work and live. We pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge their styles of teaching and learning and value the traditions, culture, and aspirations of the first Australians of this land.

We believe that building respectful relationships with children, their families, and the community is an integral part of ensuring the best outcomes for children. We recognise that parents are the child’s first educators, and work closely with our families toobtain feedback, input, and ideas to develop high quality play-based programs that extend on the child’s individual interests. We respect and support the role of our parents and families and consult with them via our parent reference group regarding major service decisions to ensure our families feel involved in the service from orientation through to graduation.

“To acknowledge the attitude and conduct of dignity of others. Respect others’ views by listening and talking.” – Cathryn (staff)
“Being kind to everyone, colleagues, children, families, visitors, to create a positive working environment and a welcoming placefor all stakeholders.” – Jess R (staff)

We show kindness, compassion, and empathy by encouraging our staff, children, and families to give to those who are in need within our community. We have a community pantry and wardrobe that families can take from and donate to when in need. We believe that compassion can enable children to understand others who are different from themselves and will allow them to see perspectives different from their own. It shows children the joy of reaching out to others and contributing to making the world a better place.

“Empathy and kindness are number 1 values in our family and what Stuart and I work to instil into our three boys.” – Natalie (parent)
“Our biggest family value is compassion for others.” – Nicola (parent)
“Showing kindness and respect for the growing feelings and emotions of a developing toddler.” – Beth (parent)
“We need to have compassion with each other and our children when we’re having a hard time or struggling with something.” – Melinda (staff)

We are inclusive of all children, respect, and welcome diversity, and believe that all children have a right to high quality education. We believe that the articles of the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the child are paramount, especially Article 12 which states that every child has the right to freely express their own views in all matters affecting them. Our educators hold high expectations for the learning and develop of all children, recognising that every child treads an individual learning path and will progress in different and equally meaningful ways.

“It is important as educators that we remember we are caring for little humans and their feelings are valid.” – Maddie (staff)

We view children as successful, competent, curious, and capable learners and encourage them to participate in risky-play experiences as they grow and develop. Fostering curious minds is vital for children to explore, discover and experience the world around them. Learning through play, free play, and guided play approaches promotes children’s holistic development and helps build a strong foundation for lifelong success. We believe it is important for children to be exposed to nature and the outdoors for their physical health and wellbeing, and we educate our children about sustaining the world in which we live and play.

“It is natural for children to be curious and explore. We as adults and educators must not squash this in any child, otherwise it would be as if one has crushed a child’s spirit” – Nathanael (staff)
“It’s important to encourage children to be curious and ask questions.” – Sophie (staff)

We believe it is important to advise children that honesty does not only include speaking the truth, but also about completing truthful actions. Transparency in communication is vital in being able to effectively work together to achieve a goal. We pride ourselves on holding honest conversations with our families about their child’s progress and development, and with each other as a team to develop as professionals.

“In every aspect of your life, honesty and being true to your actions and words shows that you are a person to trust and believe.”– Suzanne (staff)

We critically reflect in several ways by honestly reviewing and unpacking our policies and practices as service. Reflective practice allows us to set new goals and help hold each other accountable to ensure can be the best educators for the children and families at our service. Our educators understand the importance of being reliable and showing up each day to support their fellow educators and ensure the children experience continuity of care at the service.

“We put a greater emphasis and discussion on reliability (showing up) because the other values go without saying in our family.”– Sharndelle (parent).
“Reliability shows that you’re enthusiastic about your work and shows that you want to be here. It is also important for the children’s routine.” – Taylah (staff)

Written by the families, staff and children at Little Charlie’s Early Learning Centre.

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